January 13th, 2004

  • evan

ocaml zen

I have achieved a state of OCaml zen.

I wanted to write something that would parse LJ's latest-rss feed, my favorite source of weird data. I wanted something fast, so I figured I could use OCaml. Google for "ocaml fast xml" unfortunately finds one of my evan_tech posts, but I hear expat is good, so I hooked everything together.

Everything that caught me before—the confusing error messages, the way "if" statements need to have a "begin..end" around the body if you have more than one statement within them, the standard libraries, the way semicolon is used between statements and not at the end of every one, benchmarking multiple sets of equivalent functions by making them returned by interchangable wrappers, and even the Makefile hackery to generate bytecode or x86 code—all of it fell before my flying fingers.

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