January 5th, 2004

  • evan


From the school’s newsgroup:
> In many of our favorite programming languages, streams such as standard
> out and standard error will automatically flush without extra intervention
> from you. This is convenient, and saves you the tedium of manually
> flushing the streams after you put stuff into them.
> Unfortunately, the urinals in our downstairs restroom here in beautiful
> New Sieg do not autoflush; they require you to manually flush them after
> adding your input. The buffer overrun problems of earlier this quarter
> appear to be patched, however without timely flushing, the buffer still
> gets quite stale, not to mention smelly.
> So please flush after use. It’s not only more pleasant for the next
> person, it’s also good style.
  • evan

gnome 2.5

Mostly for snej, this is a picture of my desktop on one of these new Linux machines at my school.

I’d lj-cut it, but I’ll bet the browser will handle it better if I just give you a direct link.
That’s GNOME 2.5; I browsed to my home directory (notice the weird OS9-style file manager) and double-clicked an svg file; I use the Unicode character map really frequently; and in the mid bottom is my humble LiveJournal client. The noise at the bottom is from a bug somewhere... I think it’s the gimp.