December 18th, 2003

  • evan

more arch

Figured out most of my arch problems:
  • You have to use the most recent (1.1prex) version, not the one in Debian unstable, for the manual to make sense.
  • Commands are significantly less painful when you get contextual tab completion (available for bash and zsh). (Speaking of zsh: you can configure it so when you hit tab twice and there are more than [n] matches, you can then use the arrow keys to move a cursor around the matching files list. Cool!)
  • TLA patch queue manager is an interesting way of addressing my "where is the archive?" concern:
    This then raises a question - where is the project? One solution is to pick a specific developer to perform the task of merging in the other developer's code. That developer's archive becomes the canonical one for the project.

    However, there is a better way. The main idea of the tla patch queue manager is to have a special archive which is managed entirely by the patch queue software.

    You create the distinguished archive to be managed by the patch queue manager. Then, every developer branches off of it. When a developer has reached a milestone and wants to sync up the main tree with their archive, they submit a merge request.
  • And I forgot how satisfying it is to be able to edit source to work around problems. danga doesn't have sftp configured, so I just modified a few lines of the tla code to make it upload properly.

I'm still not sure about how to handle generated source files. They belong in the source (as opposed to build) tree but not in the archive, so commit complains about them.

But first I'm gonna see if anyone in logjam_dev cares enough to try it out. :)