December 13th, 2003

  • evan

version control

I need a version control system that I can use to keep my code between my desktop, laptop, school, and internet at large in sync. I have to use my laptop as a desktop<->world bridge, so single-repository systems like CVS don't cut it unless I want to keep my archive on my laptop (which is exactly where it doesn't belong).

I've been looking at arch because they mention solving exactly that problem in their user stories section, but I'm having a lot of trouble making it work. (Whenever something is Hard for me, I get suspicious, because I know that I know what I'm doing.) Typing-happy syntax, documentation that uses commands that don't exist, freaky file names (lots of double-commas and equals signs)... but I'm going to power through it.

Also having problems with sftp and Debian. Anybody already know my problem and know the solution?
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Also, I read another paper by the fellow that I based that last project on. He switched it all around. Oh well. :)
  • evan

more arch

Just after I posted that last bit about arch, I realized how decentralized development is supposed to happen: independent branches that you occasionally merge. I was still thinking in the one-central-repository mindset and couldn't figure out how you mirrored stuff. But I'm still not sure where the repository belongs... :)

Colin Waters (of Rhythmbox, etc.) seems pretty sold on arch, too, and has a good summary of the basics. (But you really need to read the docs to make sense of a lot of it.)