November 28th, 2003

  • evan


The thought of someone reading this from outside of LJ (here's a free link for Steve-- still need to read about that language he talks about) has gradually percolated its way into my consciousness along with a sense of embarassment. Most of the stuff I do here or talk about is directionless if not just outright wrong. As I write on my website, though: I guess you're the one who's reading it. And someday I hope to produce something useful!

I think it's good for me (the sort of person who traditionally holds his tongue for fear of making a fool of himself-- ie, the sort of person that's impossible to talk with, only to) to continually expose my thought process because it forces me to quantify and justify what it is I'm reaching for. (For what my opinion is worth, I'm pretty firmly in Jens' s camp, except replace "Objective C" with "C" because we work with different platforms. But I think it's good for me (even though I'll likely end up an applications-level programmer) to keep expanding my understanding...)

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I'm still thinking a lot about types. I had some (linguistic) semantics homework that included describing the signature of adverbs (used in a specific way, modifying verb phrases), and the first thing I thought was, "This has to map from VP's type to VP's type, and VPs are lists. That pretty much means it's gotta be 'filter'."

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