November 21st, 2003

  • evan

fast graphics

Using OpenGL for 2d compositing, supporting the semantics of Xrender: GL(X)C. I think I would've preferred for X drivers to support render's operations directly, but I guess even MacOS (who have had this for a while) use GL to get fast 2d. I guess I'm used to thinking about GL as 3d-only library, instead of a hardware-accelerated graphics API.
  • evan

two papers i'm thinking about / stats

Sampling Biases in IP Topology Measurements -- as mentioned here.

Self: The power of simplicity. This is another "everything is an object" approach, but more so than even Smalltalk (where you had classes, and then objects, and then classes were objects, but then the objects that were classes had to be instances of some class, and it eventually has to be circular somewhere). I've never seen a prototype-based language before, even though I've read about them a bunch.

Been playing with GNU R lately. I wish I knew more about statistics... chris_one is on the right track to be thinking about thinking (CS, linguistics, and stats). I vaguely remember enough from my one stats class to be able to generate some fun pictures, but I go pretty slowly.