Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

all i have to talk about is schoolwork these days

Man, this is ugly. Multiplication is implemented recursively as repeated addition, then exponentiation on top of that as repeated multiplication. But it works! And type-checks! Give it two integers and it gives you n^m.

Sadly, recursive functions mean that it's no longer guaranteed to terminate.
(fn n:int.
  (rec pwr:int->int m.
    (if m > 0 then
      (rec mul:int->int y.
        (if y > 0 then
          n+(mul (y + (-1)))
      ) (pwr (m + (-1)))
I was about to rewrite in in Python just for fun, but then I realized you can't (?) make recursive functions with Python lambdas.

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