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01:23 am, 12 Jul 06

blogger's crisis

I sometimes worry when I write these posts that readers are likely split into two groups:
  1. People who don't know enough about what I'm talking about to follow, or people who don't care.
  2. People who do know what I'm talking about, and either don't care (since they already know) or are annoyed by it (since I'm often wrong).
But I refer you (and myself) back to my combo disclaimer/mission statement, where I set out that my real goal is to experience reasoning through things I don't fully understand yet. For example, in typing the previous post, I realized that I still get contravariance wrong, how little I understand about "bottom" as a type versus "bottom" as a value, and Haskell termination in general. But it took me trying to write everything out to realize that I didn't understand it in the first place!