Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

password management

I was talking to dan_erat about password management, and it occurred to me to ask about it here.

I'd like to store password for websites and for other apps (my canonical example is that I have multiple programs that want to log into LJ, each managing a separate copy of my password) in the same place. There are a few nice programs that facilitate a database protected by a passphrase and make it easy to copy and paste (one cool thing about stuff like pwsafe is that it can clear the clipboard after you paste once), but what I really want is some sort of backend daemon these apps could request passwords from.

OS X has Keychain. (Here's a thread on WinXP's equivalent.) Two questions:
  1. Is there something similar for Linux?
  2. Should these sorts of programs make me pretty worried about security? Like, if my web browser can query Keychain, I'm depending on Keychain to properly return only the proper passwords. Would adding something like "process [foo] is requesting a password" make it more secure, or is that just a false sense of security?
Tags: fourth wall, free software
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