Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

interesting cairo thread

I was asked a while back why anybody uses Cairo instead of OpenVG, and while I wrote a kinda half-assed explanation, the same question apparently came up on the AGG (antigrain geometry, which is probably only meaningful to you if you follow this stuff anyway so I won't attempt to define beyond that) list, and in particular why Firefox, Gnome, etc. have moved to use Cairo instead of some other 2d API.

Anyway, Carl Worth from Cairo eventually found and responded to the thread, and there's a comment from a Firefox developer as well.

So: start reading here.

(I don't follow many free software projects anymore -- I finally unsubscribed from my last Gnome list a few months ago. I mostly follow the danga lists and the Cairo one.)
Tags: free software, go read, graphics

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