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11:32 pm, 9 Apr 06


puppy:~/projects/lj/ljrb/sample% ./fuse ../../evan_tech.db lj
puppy:~/projects/lj/ljrb/sample% ls lj/2006/03/10
661.txt 662.txt
puppy:~/projects/lj/ljrb/sample% cat lj/2006/03/10/662.txt
gem for ljrb

Thanks to your advice, I have successfully made a gem and uploaded it to Rubyforge. So I guess it'll show up in the gems system eventually...?

Otherwise, you can download the tarball or gem from the <a href="http://neugierig.org/software/livejournal/ruby/">homepage</a>.

Please let me know if it works for you.

I was thinking of using this to make offline editing painless: I could make it so editing one of these files marks it as dirty in the database, and then I could make the "sync" mode bidirectional by pushing the dirty entries. But I dunno if it's worth it, and I'm a little concerned about the distributed revisioning problem: if it's edited on the server and on the client separately, how can the client know not to clobber your changes? (I guess it could retrieve each entry before allowing pushing new ones and verify the server-side one is as expected...)

Using fuse, at least through Ruby, is a little cumbersome: each method you provide (directory?, read_file) needs to validate all the paths provided. *shrug*