Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

kanji worksheets

I finally got around to using that kanji database dump to generate worksheets: low-tech paper output. My plan is to read them on the train.

Here's a sample page [59kb gzipped postscript].

(Obligatory tech stuff: Debian's Cairo packages were built without the PS support 'cause it's still experimental, which means I had to rebuild Cairo myself. And then I had to rebuild Ruby/Cairo. And then I had to rebuild SQLite because the Hoary* one is old and that kanji database was generated with a new one. And then I had to rebuild the Ruby/SQLite bindings. And that PS output really does appear to be experimental, as generating too many pages made ghostscript unable to view it. Sometimes it feels like the world's stacked against you...)

* I did this on my work computer.
Tags: graphics, japanese, project, ruby

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