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kanji database

kanji.db.bz2: 279kb SQLite3 dump of Jim Breen's KANJIDIC2 (a Japanese kanji dictionary). This includes not only their readings and meanings, but also which grade level the kanji are learned, as well as their frequency rank found by counting frequencies in newspapers. Perfect for studying!

(Man, parsing XML is like pulling teeth.)

sqlite> select count(*) from kanji where grade < 10;

So I'll basically never be more literate than a middle schooler.

Anyway, here's a peek:
sqlite> select * from kanji where grade is not null order by grade asc, freq asc limit 10;
id          literal     grade       freq        on_reading      kun_reading      meaning
----------  ----------  ----------  ----------  --------------  ---------------  ---------------
2160        日         1           1           ニチ; ジツ  ひ; -び; -か  day; sun; Japan
76          一         1           2           イチ; イツ  ひと-; ひと  one
1455        人         1           5           ジン; ニン  ひと; -り; -  person
2177        年         1           6           ネン          とし           year
1763        大         1           7           ダイ; タイ  おお-; おお  large; big
1251        十         1           8           ジュウ; ジ  とお; と      ten
2151        二         1           9           ニ; ジ        ふた; ふた.  two
2598        本         1           10          ホン          もと           book; present;
1856        中         1           11          チュウ       なか; うち;  in; inside; mid
1270        出         1           13          シュツ; ス  で.る; -で;   exit; leave

Looks like SQLite's text output doesn't understand doublewidth characters...
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