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Evan Martin

lj browser

Here's a toy I've been playing with off and on.

The main browser view.

After clicking the "movies" tag link.
Observe that the search box changed, too.

This makes it really simple to find old entries, and the jump to button lets you edit them with the LJ UI that includes modifying tags, so I've been using it for that too.

Writing native apps is so pleasant! You get a responsive and sensible GUI toolkit instead of clunky/latent/browser-bug-full webapps, and you can do insane stuff like loading every entry I've ever written at startup (it's only a few megs) and search by just iterating through all entries (instead of any sort of index) because it runs on an overpowered desktop machine and only has to support one concurrent user.

If you wanna use it, you need:
  1. LogJam to export a copy of your journal to sqlite (4.5.3, released a minute ago, defaults to using sqlite and doesn't have the 4.5.2 export bug)
  2. my LiveJournal Ruby module
  3. monotone -d neugierig.db db init
    monotone -d neugierig.db pull neugierig.org org.neugierig.lj.offline
    monotone -d neugierig.db co -b org.neugierig.lj.offline offline
It reads your LogJam conf files to find where the export lives, so the rest should just work.
Tags: livejournal, project, ruby

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