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11:59 pm, 29 Oct 05

python desktop

There's an interesting thread on Gnome's desktop-devel-list regarding the inclusion of a Python app into the stock install. On one side, it's great that they're branching out into different languages -- anything but C! -- and the app is supposed be cool, but on the other side it's one of those little panel applets and (for whatever reason) it takes 22 megabytes of memory while running, 10 of which are writable/unshared.

Some people say: "Who cares? That's not that much memory." But consider I'm currently running 40 user-space processes, which would be nearly half a gig of RAM at 10mb each. And many of them are much larger than a panel applet and many others aren't Python, meaning that they don't share the interpreter libraries overhead...

The arguing starts here and goes on for a while.