Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin


Two things, barely related:
  1. This LiveJournal has been linked to twice in the past week by newsy sites, both of which quoted me mostly because of where I work. I don't think I like this sort of attention.

    Instead I'm pretty sure that I do all of this (writing about personal things on LiveJournal, too) for the imagined attention from someone who cares or somebody I respect. Having dinner with jeffr_tech the other day reminded me that I'm lucky to have met many of these sorts of people, but only the internet lets me connect with many others. And so (as I recently posted) I'm at my happiest when I get to interact with people I look up to.

    But news? Slashdorks? No thanks. If you're looking to gawk, go pick one of the people on the right column of the Google blog.

    (I guess this is why most of my posts are friends-only, though that really solves nothing...)
  2. For some reason (now that I type that, probably because I hang out with too many hipster geeks) this "Flock" browser keeps coming up in conversation, despite nobody having seen it nor anybody being especially excited about it. I played with it today and saw more or less what I expected: buzzword-complete Firefox. I'm sure it'll be cool once they get time to work all the bugs out.

    But I mention it because I noticed its "feed" light didn't shine on this LiveJournal, and then it occurred to me I don't provide links to any of the feeds here. It never occurred to me because I figured everyone who'd be interested in reading this was on LiveJournal already.

    (In any case, because interesting people use all sorts of different software: all LiveJournals, this one included, provide feeds at /path/to/content/data/atom.)

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