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japanese study

I'm moving to Japan in a few months for what looks like half a year. I'd like to know enough Japanese to be useful at it. I had two years in school and though it's since been obscured by other languages, I think a bit of study would get me back into practice.

But what to study? For reading and writing, I'd like to be able to follow the sorts of discussions going on in tech, like this recent Ruby security vulnerability. (As far as I have found, you can somehow lower the $SAFE level, which you shouldn't be able to do.) But how do I learn technical terms?

One answer that's in the spirit of what I do at work is to be data-driven: collect a bunch of pages I want to read and study those. So tonight's project was hooking up the HTML parser and Japanese segmenter so I can point it at a directory of pages and have it output which words I need to study first: the most common ones.

Starting from the top, then:
  1. 情報 (じょうほう) information, intelligence
  2. (a few hundred thousand more...)
Tags: japanese, linguistics, project, ruby

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