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http://blogsearch.google.com -- I haven't played with it enough to give it a real review, but I expect it to replace the services I've casually used (and been frustrated by) in the past. So kudos to the team! You've won me over already. And watching comments come in in near-realtime is pretty rad.

It was kinda weird having brad come down to the office to a meeting where I sorta represented both Google and LiveJournal. But, as I've said before, a large part of why I came here was to get out of the "blogging scene", and I was mostly invited to that meeting because the Blogger guys know that Brad's an old friend of mine.

Last night I was hanging out with Chad and his girlfriend, who's in her late 20s (I assume) and teaches art at a local community college. Chad mentioned something being on a friend's blog and she asked, "What does that word mean?" Here we have a sociable, intelligent 20something who lives in San Francisco who doesn't know what blogging is -- what, you ask? But the truth is this online world is a tiny echo chamber, and while it's certainly an important subset, there's a lot more to the internet.

This isn't to minimize the blog search team's work -- there are many great things to be done with even smaller data sets. (Consider Wikipedia.) But to me this doesn't seem like a monumental change, but rather an incremental and logical step.
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