Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin

brad hax

The three people who read this who are unfamiliar with the LJ scene may be interested in reading brad, who is one of the most talented hackers I know and often has interesting evan_tech-style posts (mixed with a healthy dose of cynicism).

Recent examples:

  • münchen

    On that note: I'm living in Munich for the next week plus a few days. Do I know anyone around here? (PS: The LJ → PubSubHubbub → Reader…

  • deb/rpm diffing tools

    Dear Linux hackers, Chrome tends to push minor updates (often security) pretty frequently. We'd like to operate as a good member of the Linux…

  • emacs

    I've been using vim for a very long time -- over ten years -- but over those years I've envied more and more the way emacs integrates other software.…

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