Evan Martin (evan) wrote in evan_tech,
Evan Martin


My friends Eric and Ruchira showed up at our party last night after 2am, carrying a magazine with a picture of Bram Cohen on the cover and star-struck from talking with Phil Zimmerman at CodeCon. He told me I ought to go, and though I'd likely come back reinvigorated to work on more of the sorts of hacks I'm good at (I have an amusing one brewing but it's not releasable yet), I also sorta feel like I have other things to do. I haven't really figured out if that's my scene; most of the hackers I really admire (though Zimmerman is a capital fellow, surely) aren't the sort I'd see at that sort of a gathering. And besides, Meena and Jeff Lin and Toby are in town this weekend!

I do plan to see Bram's talk next week, though.

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